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Our Team

Pathik Shah


Founder |

Pathik is a Chartered Accountant with more than 22 years of experience in compliance management, tax consultancy, risk management, accounting, system audits, IT consultancy, and digital marketing. With this enriched experience, he has been delivering value to clients on Anti-Money Laundering compliance, Taxation advisory, UBO compliance, Virtual CFO services, and assisting in the setting of the companies.

Pathik also specializes in business process documentation and IT consultancy, optimizing clients’ business processes and creating the most value for the client’s IT investment. He has extensive knowledge of local and international Anti-Money Laundering rules and regulations. He helps companies with end-to-end AML compliance services, from understanding the AML business-specific risk to implementing the robust AML Compliance framework.

Pathik leads the firm from the front and is responsible for giving it a strategic direction.

Jyoti Maheshwari


Partner |

Jyoti is a Chartered Accountant having around 6 years of hands-on experience in regulatory compliance, legal advisory, policy-making, tax consultation, and technology project implementation.

She has been assisting clients, across industries, with Anti-Money Laundering compliance, Taxation/VAT consultancy, UBO compliance, and Virtual CFO services. She also assists clients in documenting and optimizing the business and implementing technology solutions.

Jyoti holds experience with Anti-Money Laundering regulations prevalent across various countries. She helps companies with risk assessment, designing and deploying adequate mitigation measures, and implementing the best international practices to combat money laundering and other financial crimes.

Bhupesh Mehta

VP – Practice Development |

Bhupesh Mehta possesses a Degree in science and a postgraduate diploma in computer science. He has attended Management Development Program at IIMA. He is a leader with 40+ years of experience in ICT Business Development, Project Management, Support & ERP, CRM, Cloud computing, & ISO Implementations.

He has exposure to various industries, including IT, financial, retail, distribution, manufacturing, professional services, jewelry, and luxury goods.

Having worked with multiple geographic areas like India, Gulf, and the US, Bhupesh possesses wide business knowledge, instrumental in providing practical advice to clients on various business aspects and compliance requirements.

Dipali Vora

Associate Company Secretary

Senior Consultant – Compliance |

Dipali is an Associate member of ICSI and has a Bachelor’s in Commerce and a General Law degree. She has an overall experience of 7 years in the compliance domain, including Anti-Money Laundering, due diligence, secretarial audit, and managing scrutinizer functions.

She currently assists clients by advising and helping them navigate through all the legal and regulatory challenges of Anti-Money Laundering Law. She helps companies to develop, implement, and maintain effective AML/CFT and sanctions programs.

She knows Anti-money laundering rules and regulations prevailing in GCC countries and specializes in Enterprise-wide risk assessment, Customer Due-diligence, and Risk assessment.